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Speed is a Costa Rican paintball team that was formed in July of 2003. The name of our team has changed a lot of times, until we settled for the actual one, Speed. We founded this team with one main purpose, to play paintball in the United States, and become one of the best rookie teams in the world.

Speed was founded by 5 paintball players from Costa Rica, Ignacio Cubero, Esteban Matamoros, Felipe Prada, Max Andres Fait, and Alberto Pastor. The 5 original members are still part of the team, and we are continually seeking for players for our team.


The name of our team came has changed a a lot of times. Our first team was called Whoppers. Back then only 4 of the actual members played for the team. After playing a couple of tournaments under the name Whoppers we decided to change it. The new name was Speed-Zofragos. We played the 2004 PSP World Cup under this name. Recently we decided to change the team's name to Speed, because we think it sounds better.


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