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Team Speed's 2005 Schedule

In this page you will find our team schedule for this year. If you have any questions concerning it please contact us, our email is in the home page.

  Practice Schedule


This year our team will be playing games 3 days per month, in the local facilities of Xtreme Paintball. Each training session will be either on Saturdays or Sundays.


We also acquired some Reballs, to run drills and improve our skills. This Reball sessions will take place once a week.


  Local Tournaments

Team Speed will play every single local tournament in Costa Rica this year. We will be playing A category, which is the highest category in Costa Rica. The team will participate in both 3 man and 5 man events around the whole country.

Local Tournaments

  International Tournaments

Our international schedule for this year is currently as follows:

July 2005

Bunkerfest-3 Man Rookie

Bunkerfest 3


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